27 February 2018 – Wraysbury

Divers: Andrew Bradford, Jenny John Chuan, Mark Swan

To celebrate Andrew’s 100th dive it was good to do something he won’t forget in a hurry. Pictures as proof!!

The sun was shining when we arrived and the viz looked promising from the surface. Kitted up and in for some skills practice with Jenny JC and myself on top of the container near the entry ramp while Andrew familiarised himself with some new kit. Viz was between 8-10m! Really! Then to wreck site on far side of lake. The usual shoal of large tench were on top of the adjacent container. They always seem to gather here during winter, and in their drowsy state let you get within touching distance.

Andrew then navigated back to where we had started and Jenny deployed the dsmb and we ascended.

On surfacing it had begun to snow heavily. Quick de-kit and into seating area to grab some Cornish pasty hand warmers.

Next kit up was different. Hood, gloves and bcd’s were frozen solid. Had to get into the water to loosen things up.

Second dive was from entry ramp to 5m platforms, then swim through pipes and NW back towards wreck site. At the ‘black cab’ there was a large pike laying motionless. Had a good look at him then he slowly moved towards Jenny’s face and went nose to nose with her! Headed on to where the tench were for another close up, then back to where we had entered.

Yes it was cold and fingers were numb for half an hour after, but the viz and the fish life were great and easily make up for it. This time of year it’s like someone has turned the lake’s lights on and it’s on our doorstep.

 Dive 1: Max depth – 9.5m  Time – 40 mins  Water temp –  4’C  Viz – 8/10m

Dive 2: Max depth – 8.5m  Time – 35 mins  Water temp –  4’C  Viz – 8/10m

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