1 & 2 June 2018 – Portland

Report by Steve Burgess

Steve, Mark, Milton, Don

We all got to Swanage and after some debate with Pete the skipper we decided to dive the Kyarra wreck.

Dive 1 – 31.2 Mtrs, dive time 47 mins, Mark and me, Don and Milton.

Drop down the shot and the viz was good at 8-9 Mtrs. Had a nice dive around the wreck , lots of life and had a rummage inside some of the open holes. The current picked up so we drift slowly along the ship. 100 year anniversary this June of its sinking. It’s 6,953 Ton cargo/passenger liner. Australian  built by William Denny and brothers Dumbarton. Sunk during WW1 by UB-57.

Dive 2 – Peverel ledges. Drift same buddy’s. Viz Good to crap then crap to good. 22mtrs, Dive time 35 mins

Plan was old Harry but I came up with the crazy idea of a drift on the full ebb , Pete the skipper said “well chaps if you’re man enough to do it be my guest but it will be hairy”

We drop in and got down to bottom and it’s like a channel dive in the Maldives the pace was mad!! We hit the up current as we got on the ledges which forced us upward, we shot up over 8mtrs 
We managed to recover ourselves and return down to bottom , I was upside down for a while on top of Mark as current flipped me over . We covered the distance of two drifts on a normal day, we end up past the lighthouse 6 miles down from Swanage. Hard core dive and one to remember!

Day 2 – Overnight stay in Portland

Dive 3, Gertrude wreck. 16.5 Mtrs, Viz 15 Mtrs , Dive time 54 mins.

Fabulous viz on this dive see pics above, will say enough about a great Saturday morning Dive.

Dive 4 – M2 was the booking but due to sea fog it was called off so we dive the harbour one of the harbour wrecks real shame as viz on M2 would have seen 15mtr +

Great couple of days and recommend to you all joining us on future overnight stays in Dorset.

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