17 October 2018 – City of Waterford


Report by Andrew Bradford

Tim, George, Milton and Andrew braved the M23 to take advantage of a rather warm and sunny Brighton.

Conditions were excellent, a gentle SE breeze and plenty of sunshine all day. Milton & Tim buddied up closely followed by George and Andrew. The Skipper dropped the shot onto the bow to take advantage of a gentle current toward the bow before the current reversed to bring us back. Visibility on the wreck was good at the bottom of the shot but did worsen in patches. The wreck is teeming with life, congers, crab & lobster. Both pairs were 45min+ on the wreck. Max depth recorded at 29metres. A fantastic dive.

Surface Interval 1:30   

Second dive on Ledges @ around 11metres. Pipe fish & Congers spotted and then home for tea. 

A great day out

Posted in Dive Diary 2018
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