9 June 2018 – U-1195

Report by Mark Swan

Paul, Julian, Andrew B, Steve and Mark

IMG-20180616-WA0007Saw some spaces on Mulberry Divers boat schedule for a Saturday evening dive on the WW2 U-boat U-1195.

The wreck lies off the SE of The Isle Of Wight, and conditions have to be just right. This was my third time of trying. HMS Seabed first time, then blown out the next!

U-1195 had sunk the troopship SS Cuba when she was attacked the next day by the RN destroyer HMS Watchman on 7th April 1945, using a Hedgehog Antisubmarine Mortar. Only 14 from a crew of 50 survived.

On the journey out to the wreck site there was a problem with Julian’s cylinder. Paul decided to let Julian use his and stay on board and help out kitting up, surface cover and getting us out. Thanks Paul!  Julian and Steve followed the 3 other divers in, then Andrew and I went in last. Down the shot line and what a treat! 6-7m vis! The conning tower lies to the right of the hull. The hull itself was open in many places and covered in starfish. There is a large propellor still in place. Shoals of IMG-20180616-WA0008fish all over the place. Time just flew by and before I knew it, it was time to ascend.

Max depth 30m, Time 32 mins, Gas 32%

Back on board and then it was a 45 mins journey back and an interesting unload on East Beach Slipway.

Shame I lost a weightbelt and my ‘mal de mer’ on the way back…..but it was well worth it!!

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