21 July 2018 – Gascony & Black Ledge

Andrew & Jenny Hubbard, Paul, Jules, Steve B

Met at the Marina and prep boat. Off to the cafe for a full English and RO at 10.
The sea state was amazing, flat calm and like a mirror in places. Our plan was the Northcoates and we set course for the wreck. We arrive and to our shock a fishing boat was anchored on it so we had to move.  The Gascony  was the choice. Torpedo by UC-75 in January 1918.

Jules did a top Job, the shot was bang on the boilers, nice work!

Paul, Jules, Steve in first.

Decend down the shot,  nice Viz around 8mtrs /10 in places as the light current seem to flush out the dross.
Gently drift over the wreck some big conger, wrass , loads of Bib, lobster spider crab. The most interesting part of the wreck for me was the remains of a cargo of gun carriages  The heavy-duty spoked wheels are getting on for 1m across, some broken, but many intact and some even still attached to their axles. (See pics) Lots of swim throughs, holes to look in , we  found our diving officer  inside from time to time.

Fab dive on this wreck and one to remember. Dive time 45 mins, 26mtrs temp 19°

Jenny and Andrew in next they had a dive time of 48 mins but sadly reported the viz had dropped a bit. Don’t think we kicked it up did we?

 After enjoying the glorious weather we head off to Black rock for a drift as we all had enough gas from 1st dive. Jules and me in first and had a nice gentle drift over the rocks. Loads of life on this place,  Saw a nice Ray sitting in the sand at the end.

Did around 30 mins and max depth 14mtrs. Temp 20°

Paul and Andrew reported same.

Great diving and all for a fiver. Happy days!!


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