23 June 2018 – Outer Mulberry

Bryan, Andrew & Jenny hadn’t dived for a while so decided to do a wander round the Outer Mulberry and Stuart joined them.  Journey out was bit bumpier than expected but this was made up for by great viz – about 6-7 metres. One boat was just recovering their divers and then left so we hooked onto the buoy.

What a change to see the seabed before bumping into it.  Andrew & Jenny did a slow meander around the wreck before heading back up the shot after 55 mins.  Some very large wrasse and shoals of small fish but not the usual large shoals of bib.  Large cuttle fish, lobster, smooth hound, hiding crabs, etc.  Very pleasant dive even if so shallow no safety stop was required!

Stuart and Bryan decided to be adventurous and head to the cuckoo and landing craft.  They think they found them despite not finding the rope that led the way.  Ascended dsmb some distance from the boat. Then some discussion as to what they had found.

Back at the river and picked up 3 passengers (Tracey, Amy & Zoe) and took the girls for a quick spin out to sea.  Basically Bryan driving as fast as possible until they screamed for Daddy to slow down!

All in all a good day out. 


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