05 September 2018 – Glenlee

Having had such a good dive on the Glenlee a couple of weeks ago Tim & Andrew decided a revisit was a good idea.

Smoother ride out to the wreck than last time and shot dropped – in the region of the boilers although they didn’t show up on the depth sounder.  Andrew, Tim and Jenny descended in the hope that the shot was in the wreck and it was – right next to one of the boilers.  Viz was about 6-8 m and loads of life.  One large crab ended up in Tim’s goody bag (after a bit of a struggle) and Jenny then saw an even larger one!  Don’t think this one would have gone in Tim’s bag so left it to be spotted by Bryan and Alan on their dive.  Huge old lobster walking about – lots of barnacles on its shell , as well as the size, showed it was a mature beast.  Large congers abounded in the boilers and shoals of bib were everywhere, with tompot blennies, velvet swimming crabs etc on ledges.

Alan and Bryan went in second and as they weren’t in a hurry to let anyone else in made the most of their time.  Bryan didn’t quite get the hour he wanted but pretty close!! They also had a great dive.

As Tracey, Amy and Zoe had come down with Bryan we had chips on the river and then took the girls for a quick spin out to sea.  Great driving girls!

All in all a good day out – why aren’t all UK dives like that? Video link



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