19-20 October 2018 – Portland

Report by Stevo Spurgin  

Two days at Portland Harbour  (video)

19/10/2018  Diving from rib with Divebeyond, Portland – Mark & Stevo

 Dive 1 –    Wreck Dive in the harbour –  Countess Erne 1936  Length 240 ft

                  14,6m, 57 mins, Vis 3-4m, Water temp 20C

 Dive 2 –     Wreck Dive  Wallsend Cove- James Fennel 1920 Length 123 ft

                   18.9m, 51 mins, Vis 5m, Water temp 19C


20/10/2018  Diving from rib with Divebeyond, Portland – Mark & Stevo  

 Dive 1 –     Wreck Dive outer harbour –   Dredger  Length 6-12m

                   11.3m, 62 mins, Vis 7m, Water temp 22C

 Dive 2-      Drift Dive- Balaclava Bay

                 10.4m, 62 mins, Vis 8m, Water temp 16C

 We stayed at the Hotel Aqua as Divebeyond are located next door. We retired to the Cove House Inn on the beach for our sundowners. We dined at Hotel Aqua. I would recommend the beef Madras curry.


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