9 June 2013 – Mulberries

The trip to the Mulberries was reasonably calm with wind and wave behind us. When we arrived there was another dive boat on site with three divers in the water. We tied up to the buoy and the first group of divers (Simon, Paul and Danni) kitted up and entered the water.

The second pair (Julian and Roy) then kitted up and entered about ten minutes later. Steve and Jackie provided boat cover.

Conditions were not too good. There was significant bloom and visibility was only a meter or so. The first group followed the lines laid on the sea bed to the Landing craft and then back to the shot.

At the shot Julian had become separated from Roy at the end of their dive. We all ascended to the surface via the shot to find Roy was being picked up by the RIB. He had successfully deployed his DSMB having become separated and surfaced.

The sea was getting quite choppy and and when all divers had re-entered the RIB it was decided by Steve and Jackie that they did not want to dive.

We returned to Littlehampton, with Steve at the helm, in rather choppy conditions. A stop at the Chip shop for sandwiches and chips and then returned to the Marina.

Posted in Dive Diary 2013
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