7 July 2013 – Ore Wreck (aborted) & Black Ledge

Arrived on site and shot deployed effectively by 11.00, from surface, no current running, first pair in at 11.20, aborted due to current and plankton layer.

Recovered divers, returned to shot, current had increased and now moving West so had missed the slack.

Decision take to conduct a drift, on the way out noted a lot of angling boats in the area of Kingmere so headed West to scallop grounds/black ledge, also a lot of angling boats and gill nets, (NB passed a cliff – black ledge? where the sea bottom rose sharply from 17m to 12m – marked as waypoint 15 on the GPS)

Drift dived this area, bottom at 17m, current running at just under 1kt, wrasse, plaice, turbot, dogfish, undersize scallops. (FJ)

Posted in Dive Diary 2013
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