21 April 2013 – Shirala

Emily obviously wants to be a boat handler!!

Dani, our daughter Emily and I arrived in the marina at about 9 o’clock and headed to the café for a coffee expecting to meet the others there.  After a bit I went out to find Julian, Tony and Bob already hard at work on the trailer. After a quick breakfast and the work done on the trailer we started to kit up and get the boat ready for the off.

We headed out with the sun shining and a fairly calm see and left Dani and Emily to go off to the beach.

On arriving at the site of the Shirala the order (that will do) was given and the shot line was in the water. I was paired up with Julian and we were soon in the water.

As this was my first dive with the club and my first for almost 7 years I was I think understandably a bit nervous. On the way down I found I was a bit light on weight which made the dive more of a challenge. But with good visibility and lots of marine life a great experience all the same.

On returning to the surface we found we had been joined by 2 other boats and a few more divers were in the water. Tony and Bob popped down to have a look at the Shirala as well and by the time they returned we had the sea to ourselves again.

We then returned to Littlehampton to the sound of Bob’s teeth chattering as he had discovered that he may have more than one hole in his not so dry suit and was feeling the cold a bit more than the rest of us.

After a bit of a wait for the tide we recovered the boat and headed home after what I think was a really good day.

Thanks to all who were there for making my first club dive such an enjoyable day. (CC)

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