2 August 2013 – War Helmet

After a bit of a choppy ride out to the wreck we arrived to find it looked pretty slack so Steve and Bryan got kitted up and dropped down the shot.  The shot was right in the wreck, near the boilers, so no following dragged shots trails or navigation required!  Visibility was about 5-7m which meant that we could have a good look around the wreck without worrying about losing our buddy.  Large shoals of bib covered the wreck and there was plenty of other marine life to see – crabs and lobsters both in crevices and out in the open.  The boilers were the usual apartment blocks for tompot blennies and other small life, and there were plenty of large fish (pollock??), some around 2-3 feet in length.  The ribs of the prop shaft were clearly visible.  At almost 30m depth we had to keep an eye on our deco but a great dive.  Thanks Jac for boat handling, and Tracey for the icecreams we enjoyed when back in the river.  (JH)

Few photos taken on the dive.


Posted in Dive Diary 2013
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