1 September 2013 – Basil


The 15nm from marina to dive site was achieved in 45 mins arriving on site at noon, short deployed by 12.20 although deemed to be slightly off the wreck, recovery was attempted but stuck fast. Current running but by 13.00 was easing. Jules/Tim/Bryan dropped in at 13.18. Tim popped up the shot after 22 mins as was on a single 15 and pony. Jules and Bryan finally surfaced at 14.14 after a long deco as Jules on air. Stuart and Paul in at 14.25, surfacing at 15.00.
The shot was just in 40m just off the port side midships of the wreck caught in some steel plates.
Fantastic wreck, big old lump, deck level on the neap LW slack was 31-32m, cargo still stowed as it was loaded, boxes and boxes of ordinance and assorted brass bits and pieces(spidge) So much to see (and liberate!) but limited by bottom time. Back alongside by 16.00 for washdown.


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