2 June 2013 – Ore Wreck & Black Ledge

5004_plan_750pixies-ore-wreckAfter putting the shot in we took our time getting the first pair in as the tide was still running. We put the first pair, Jac and Steve, in with it still running a bit at 10.40 and after 40 mins they returned to the surface.

We picked up Jac & Steve then the last three got ready to go in, Jac dropped us by the shot and we went down to the sea bed but the shot had dragged with the current so there was no wreck, we put a lifting bag on the shot and sent it up then followed the track left by the shot back to the wreck.

We arrived at the wreck with the spare prop right in front of us the vis was about a metre and a half at best so we switched  our torches on to have a look around.

There was not as much life as is normal on this wreck I saw no conger eels and only one small crab but I did pick up a nice lobster.

After 35 mins I sent up my delayed smb and after a safety stop of 3mins we surfaced on 40 min as we had planned.

I would have liked the vis to have been a bit better but with a flat sea and the sun shining it was a nice day out and I enjoyed the dive.  I didn’t do the second dive as my back was not feeling too good.  (JA)

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