09 November 2015 – Stoney Cove

Well although some of us have packed away our dive kit until the temperature rises again, a couple of hardy club members, Mark & Steve, decided Stoney Cove was worth a visit and obviously had a good time.  Mark’s report of their day:

We arrived at Stoney Cove Monday morning for 8.30 opening. Only us and one other car there. Parked at waters edge then booked in and looked around the dive shop while waiting for air fill.

First dive
Surface swim to  hydro box marker buoy. Descended in good viz of 6 metres until around 20 metres where it got progressively darker and dropped to about 1 metre when we got to the box. The temperature had dropped from 13 degrees near the surface to 7 degrees at the bottom. Swam around the box then followed another line attached that headed up at a shallower angle than the buoy line. We passed a couple of toy bears hanging on the line and at about 22 metres arrived at a large upright pole. To the right there was a trail that led up to the cockpit of a plane. Inside were two large perch and underneath Steve spotted a large crayfish. At the top of the trail we turned right and followed the 7 metre ledge to a flooded room beneath the cafe. Opposite was a small submarine. Had a look round then dsmbs and up. Dive time 40 minutes.

Second dive
A couple of hours and a couple of hot drinks later we were ready to go in again. Had chatted with a Stoney regular about a good route to follow.
On that advice we once again descended to the hydrobox then followed the line up to the pole. From there we headed right along the 22 metre ledge until we saw a pile of purposely placed stones. Turned 90 degrees left and saw the coach. From the back of the coach we took a 110 degree bearing as advised and after a little while spotted a large anchor chain on the ground. Turned right and followed this to the Stanegarth wreck (a 1910 ,18 metre long steam tug). Entered through hatch and came out on bridge. From the wreck we went north and saw a derelict block house at the foot of a ledge wall. Turned right along wall and shortly spotted a helicopter. Looked around then ascended by the wall to the 7 metre shelf. Facing us was the small submarine we had seen previously. Near this was a training platform with a large yellowish pike looking around it. It was so relaxed we stayed with it for a few minutes. Finally dsmbs and up. Dive time 35 minutes.

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