04 May 2015 – Scallop bed & Waldrons

Well, first dive of the season out in the boat.  Met for breakfast at the Boat House and then out for a drift dive.  Bit bumpy but not too bad, reached the site and Andrew, Jenny & Tim went in.  Visibility was pretty poor – about 1/2 metre so not a good idea to have three on the line but we bumbled around.  Lots of starfish, deadmen’s fingers, ross coral etc.  Few smallish fish and Tim managed to get a couple of scallops.   Ascended after about 30 mins.  Then motored over to the Waldrons to see if Julian and Steve could get any better vis there.  About the same but Steve got his SMB assessment signed off so one more step towards his Sports Diver.  Hopefully the vis will improve, but at least we can say the UK diving season has started.

Posted in Dive Diary 2015
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