03 October 2015 – Kingmere Rocks

Report by Andrew Hubbard

After a leisurely, late breakfast at the Boathouse cafe, and with only a half full boat, we set off in great comfort. Having successfully negotiated the shallow water of a low spring tide at the harbour entrance we came out onto a calm sea with no wind so it was off at a brisk pace to Kingmere Rocks.  All the fishing boats were on the Lobster Grounds to the West so we had the place to ourselves – great!  Dave and Julian went in first with Andrew and Jenny as the second wave once they had returned.  Vis of 2m wasn’t great but there was huge amounts to see around the very colourfully covered rocks.  Lots of dogfish, a very large plaice, juvenile rainbow wrasse, huge ross corals, fan worms, dead men’s fingers, leopard spit goby, etc.  With a maximum depth of 15m even our half full cylinders lasted ages but eventually it was time to head for the surface.  Whilst heading back we enjoyed some time accompanying a couple of dolphins.  A great way to finish off an easy, enjoyable days diving.

Posted in Dive Diary 2015
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