15 August 2015 – Cairndhu


The Cairndhu – Divernet Wrecktour 103

 Another full boat and a reasonable start time.  Breakfasted (some at Ma’s and some at the Boat House), boat ready, kit loaded and we were off down the river.  Got to the dive site and dropped shot.  Tim & Jules went in first, but when Jules put some gas into the shot lifting bag as the shot wasn’t on the wreck he had a free-flow.  This meant they had to ascend straight away.  Having sorted them out and recovered the shot, another attempt was made and this time better aim.  Simon & Jac, then Dave & Stuart went down and finally Andrew & Jenny.  

Viz could have been better but sufficient to make out the engine, boilers and other ‘bits of metal’.  As with our other dives recently lots of life – lobsters, congers, crabs, shoals of bib, as well as the smaller stuff! 

Part of the engine

Part of the engine


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