13 June 2015 – Julian’s Rocks & Shirala

Report by Julian Avis

Just the four of us went out today, Dave, Roy, Olivia and I.

Dave and I arrived first with the others just behind, got our kit ready and the boat, then down the slip and off we went down the river.

The weather was a bit worse than we had expected, it was a bit choppy out there but we were in no rush to get to the first dive site, so just took one wave at a time until we got to Julian’s rocks.  Olivia and I jumped in on a short drift dive.

The vis was the best I have seen in the channel for a long time and we saw so many dog fish 20+ before getting to the rocks where we saw crab and lots more fish.  We only had part filled cylinders so after 18 mins we returned to the boat.

Next on to the Shirala – yes we know  – but was not that nice on the surface and it was close by.  Dave and Roy went in once the shot was in but by the time they surfaced Olivia and I were green so we were going to give it a miss.  But the shot would not come out so I went down and sent it up on a bag.

Back to Littlehampton. Olivia drove the boat on a sea which I found a challenge after I took over at the river mouth.  We had to wait until 17.30 before the boat could be recovered, a wash and cleanup and homeward bound.

Not the best day out I have had but the sea is improving which means next time out will be better.



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