September 2016 – Lochaline (Sound of Mull)

12-16 September 2016

Lochaline group

Some of us have talked of diving the Sound of Mull for a while so on Sunday 11th September twelve club members travelled up to Scotland for 5 days diving.  Arriving at Morvern Dive Lodge at varying times during the afternoon/evening we had our first ‘taste’ of Scottish hospitality.  Kerry, our caterer for the week, provided a great dinner and we were very well fed for the 5 days with cooked breakfast, packed lunch and evening meal.  Many thanks, Kerry for fabulous food!

Monday morning saw us down at the quay in Lochaline in strong winds and what looked like rough seas.  We were diving from ‘Peregrine’ with Lochaline Boat Charters and Bodie, our skipper, said it would be fine at the dive site but the 1.5 hour journey may be a bit rocky!  In fact the journey wasn’t too bad, and the dive site was as promised.  The remainder or the week was almost wind-free, calm seas and although the sun didn’t shine very much, not much rain.  

 Our dives were as follows:

Monday:         Auliston Point and Rondo

Tuesday:        Thesis and Breda

Wednesday:    Shuna and Scallop Beds

Thursday:       Hispania and Thesis

Friday:            Hispania

The diving was good although the viz was not as much as we were expecting, but we can’t really blame the dive operators for that!  Heavy rain and strong winds the previous weeks had caused lots of run off and so the sites were pretty silty.

Many thanks to Paul for organising the trip, our skippers, Bodie (Monday/Tuesday) and Malcolm (Wednesday/Thursday/Friday) for getting us to and from the dive sites, and Kerry for feeding us so well.

A few photos

A Hubbard video

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