June 2019 – Brothers Islands and Daedalus

Report and photos by Steve Burgess

Jordan and I went on the Shark quest trip from 13-22 June 2019 to Brothers islands and Daedalus.
Not sure how it was going to pan out as the Brothers were closed to all diving from December for a few months after some incident with a diver who was bitten, so that shark behaviour could be monitored. I was at the Brothers in December last year and in my opinion what Jenny and I observed was that diver behaviour needed monitoring more like!
No overnight mooring is the rule now and no dumping of organic waste.
So we had 4 dives after arriving at 5am at Big Brother.
1st dive we saw thresher shark, 3 grey reef sharks and a single white tip reef shark so a great dive.
2nd dive saw a couple of hammerheads out in the blue.
Off to Little Brother after lunch and had a dive along the north to south wall with the current. The corals here are truly stunning and one of the best wall dives you will ever see.
Overnight sail to Daedalus for 3 days.
Had a great time here. Saw loads of hammers, manta ray, and got my target species, a silky shark.
Day 2 had a nice late afternoon dive and saw 3 silkys together.  Jordan practically landed on one as she jump from the boat. Shaaaark was her call as she disappeared under the surface, with me straight in after.
All in all a fab week was had with loads of shark action each day.
As for the Brothers it remains to be seen how its goes there and this autumn will tell.
Simply the Best itineraries are not worth going on as the 2 days at Big and Little Brother are now gone.
So a real shame its ended up like this.
Shark quest itineraries are also being withdrawn next year so some big questions remain how the safari boats will be in the future.

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