March 2020 – Adelaide, Australia

Report by Janet Kendall, Photos by Laura Nicol

Sunday 15th March found me in Adelaide, South Australia for my first qualified dives. It was a lovely bright morning at around 24 deg.C and the calm sea looked inviting. The dive shop, Adelaide Scuba, have a brightly coloured dive boat which is moored in Patawolonga Creek and to reach the sea we had to access the marina via a lock gate where we were held for a few minutes. Here I spotted my first creatures of the day, two dolphins feeding just a few metres away. My anticipation level went through the roof at that point! Soon we were heading straight out into Holdfast Bay and the site of our two dives. The Dredge and The Barge were scuppered at the end of their working lives in 1984 with the intention of forming recreational diving reefs, both lying at a depth of 18 metres, so perfect for a novice diver.

Find out what happened next in Janet’s full Report !

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