November 2018 – Red Sea

Report and photos by Steve Burgess

Me and Jenny JC decided we could do with one last bit of warm diving to close a fantastic 2018 UK and abroad. Shark quest was the trip out of Port Ghalib.
Jenny missed the oceanics on the August Red sea trip, this time she was not disappointed.
After check dive on day 1 we head out a full day. (4) dives on day 2 at Big Brother island.
Dive 1 was on the south plateau looking for thresher sharks. No joy but we saw 2 oceanics up in the water so headed back towards the boat.
Both came in and checked us both out, we had a great interaction with them.
The whole week was the same, oceanics everywhere.  After seeing the stunning coral walls on Little Brother we sailed overnight 11 hrs to Daedalus.

Dive 1 was amazing,  we got close to a couple of hammerheads and saw a nice grey reef shark up in the water, but dive 2 was a mind blower. We had 10 hammerheads doing a figure of eight around us.  All were in close distance and they just kept coming.  Wow wow wow is all that can be said.
After 18 mins of deco we all surfaced taking in this amazing time the few of us down there had seen.
We finished off at Marsa Shona and found some very big green turtles on a large patch of sea grass, was great to spend time with these big girls.
It was a great week diving, fun on the boat with another BSAC group from Witham Essex, and  pleased that Jenny got some truly amazing shark action.

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