January 2018 – Mexico

Report by Steve Burgess  – Photos

Fancied a nice winter break so me and the old woman went off to Mexico . I booked up some dives with Bull shark divers in player del Carmen.
The big female bulls come to the Sandy area a mile or so off shore before giving birth to several young in the mangroves down the coast.
They love this area because lots of juvenile  Jacks come up from from the depths for warmer water during December to February,
So have a very easy meal.
I saw around 10 sharks on each dive, most  the dives were  just me and the Guide so went a lot deeper were the real big girls are.
It’s very hit n miss with these fish, this year they were not around for most of January came back on the end and were gone by the end of my time there mid February so I was very lucky booking when I did.
Dives were 25-35mtr two per afternoon second dive took on a bit of deco as no nitrox.
Fabulous  viz and a great time.

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