August 2018 – Red Sea

Report and photos by Steve Burgess  – Photos

Set off from Gatwick on time, lucky it was not Milton Airlines or we would still be here.
Got to the Hurricane our boat, got kit ensembled and briefings done.
Had some very nice dives over the week at The Brothers,  big and little Brother – a day on each.
Saw some Hammerhead sharks on Big brother, but were very deep as water temp very high, also a good time with a pair of oceanics under the boat.
Deadalus was a bit disappointing,  we lost one of our two ribs as a wave took it out, so we were confined to diving off the main boat.
Nice visit to the lighthouse there.
Finish on Ephinstone, so busy there and could not get a position around the reef.

Great crowd on the boat , lots of fun with all on board.
Saw lots of life over the week and nice to see some stunning corals. The walls on big Brother are amazing so healthy with life.
We did two night dives over the week also.

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