April 2018 – Portland, Swanage & Vobster

Report by Mark Swan – Photos

Two days at Portland then to Swanage. Second day at Swanage blown out so home via Vobster.

 7.4.18 – Diving from Skindeep, Portland – Paul, Steve, Milton, Don, Mark

 Dive 1 – Elena R     30m, 45 mins, Vis 2m, Water temp 7’C

 Dive 2 – Lulworth Banks     20m, 35 mins, Vis 4m, Water temp 8’C

Stayed at Crown Inn in Weymouth. Ok but car parking off site. They have a room where you can leave kit by reception.


8.4.18 – Diving from Divebeyond, Portland – Paul, Steve, Milton, Mark

Dive 1 – Outer harbour wall near ‘Torpedo Tower’ building     16m, 45 mins, Vis 5m, Water temp 8’C

Dive 2 – Outer harbour wall near Dredger     11m, 40 mins, Vis 5-6m, Water temp 8’C

Divebeyond are located next to Hotel Aqua. Air and Nitrox fills are available. Nice bunch and the hotel cafe is ‘diver friendly.’ They also do a great steak sandwich!

That evening we moved on to Swanage. Booked unto Sunnybay House b and b and had a good meal at The Red Lion pub.


9.4.18 – Diving with Diversdown, Swanage – Tim, Paul, Steve, Milton, Mark

Dive 1 – Valentine tanks – 15m, 45 mins, Vis 4m, Water temp 8’C   Always a good dive. Lots of life and a friendly dog fish.

 Dive 2 – Peveril Ledges drift – 21m, 50 mins, Vis 4m, Water temp 8’C

That evening we went to the Black Swan pub. Good, but I preferred the Red Lion…nicer beer, Otter IPA mmm…



Weather had taken a turn for the worse and our Carentan dive with Diversdown was cancelled. Decided to go home via Vobster for a kit rinse – Paul, Steve, Milton, Mark

Dive 1 – 34m, 30 mins, Vis 6m, Water temp 5’C

Dive 2 – 25m, 40 mins, Vis 6m, Water temp 5’C



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