18 July 2014 – Ore Wreck

An early start to get ourselves all ready before the marina opened so that we could just load the boat and set off as soon as we could launch.  As the Boathouse Café opened at 7.30 we got bacon or sausage baguettes to take with us.  There were warnings of thunderstorms and we  got kitted up in rain but this stopped as we launched.  Bit bumpy on the way out but were a bit worried to arrive at the dive site only a short way from a dredger sending loads of sand etc into the sea which we thought could mean the viz was awful.  Decided to give it a go and dropped the shot. 

Jenny and Jordan went in first, and although viz was only about 1.5 m were able to see some of the wreck and marine life in the torch beam.  Loads of crabs, a lobster taking a walk,  a conger eel hiding – all the usual life – and Jordan saw her first propeller (even Jenny can recognise that!) and other lumps of metal!  Alan & Alex went in next (and had an hours dive!), with Steve & Andrew going in after Jenny & Jordan returned.  Knowing the chance of getting back to the shot were minimal, a dsmb was sent up for all the ascents.  Again, first experiences for Steve & Jordan.

When time came to lift the shot it was discovered to be stuck!  After pulling in different directions it was decided that a recovery buddy pair was required to go down and free it and the lot fell to Jenny & Alex.  By this time the current was running so just getting down the shot line was pretty hard work but once at the seabed it was clear why the shot couldn’t be pulled up.  The rope was round a rock and the anchor had opened and wedged under the wreck.  Alex put a lifting bag on the shot while Jenny freed and closed the anchor.  Then Alex sent up a dsmb and Jenny lifted the shot and anchor and dropped them over the side of the wreck so that hopefully they wouldn’t get caught again.  Then ascent up the dsmb and found that by the time they were back on the surface the shot had been recovered.  Job done!!

Decided to return to the marina as the swell was making some feel queasy.  Left the boat in the water ready for the Sunday dive. Had quick drink at the Boat House in the sunshine before leaving.

Posted in Dive Diary 2014
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