1 November 2014 – Ore Wreck & Kingmere Rocks

Met at 0800, prepared boat and dive kit, breakfast ordered from marina café and eaten on the RIB, then heading out of the marina at 9.15. 

The plan was for this to be the final qualifying open water dives for Olivia including depth progression on the Ore wreck and a drift dive on Kingmere Rocks. Also allowing Jacqui to dive within her pfo limit. Andrew to boat handle only.

45 minute passage to the Ore Wreck, Julian identified the wreck with the sonar and Andrew dropped the shot line.   Jules/Olivia in first, Simon/Jacqui in second.  Max depth 18 metres.  As the weather improved slightly with the sun coming out and wind dropping although the wave height stayed the same we decided that a second dive for Jules and Olivia on Kingmere Rocks should go ahead.  Jacqui and Simon didn’t do a second dive as Jacqui is still only allowed 1 significant dive a day.

Viz was 1-2m on Ore Wreck, silty but plenty of light with about 2-3m on Kingmere.

Congratulations to Olivia – BUDC’s latest Ocean Diver!!

Posted in Dive Diary 2014
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