Club Notes – Week 14 (2014)

Fellow Bubblers,

Such excitement! The new shot(s) have been made all ready to lose again! Our thanks to Tim and Simon for their alchemy.

Tony Mallender has astounded us with his tale of a 100m dive (using £700 worth of gas and enduring a 6 hour decompression) – the outer limits of diving in every respect!

Training Matters

Ocean Diver

Wraysbury Splash In! All our newbies need to get wet! Can I please ask for help in loaning kit/suits etc to ensure their first open water experience is a good one! Date is yet to be fixed once instructor availability is known.

Dive Leader

Ø Danni has booked herself on a PRM being run at Wraysbury on 12th April

Ø Vobster date to be fixed for Malcolm and Alan

For all your training requirements, please co-ordinate with me.

Diving Activities

Ø Friday 11th April – Capt Hubbard already has 6 for this trip subject to weather

Ø September 2014 – Farne Islands –– Jenny Hubbard

Ø 17th September 2014 – Moldavia – (50m) Dive Leader + and twinsets – Tony Mallender

It will be good to know how the viz is when they go out on the 11th April, reports coming in from the Western Channel report high levels of turbidity and on the James Egan Layne in Plymouth yesterday is was about 0.5m

I know Big Tony got 15m viz on his wreck but that was somewhere in the Mid Atlantic!

Dive Planner 2014

Attached is the summary dive planner for 2014, it is basically a summary of the curves created by our resident boffin George and is a guideline only, if anybody wants the curves either in electronic or hard copy format please let me know.

Dive Safe and Respect the Sea.

Paul o




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