Club Notes – Week 13 (2014)

Fellow Bubblers,

As the hibernation period is now over its time to get things moving on the diving front!

Training Matters

Ocean Diver

Charley/Sam/JJ/Steve/Jordan/Kieran are just about ready for their first dip in Wraysbury

Fin has done Wraysbury and is now ready for his first sea dives

Olivia’s training has been delayed due to family commitments but I am sure she will catch up.

Sports Diver

Mark has been diligently diving in Wraysbury though much of the winter (brave soul!) and is working towards his qualification

Dive Leader

Malcolm has some drills and skills to complete – day at Vobster?

Alan has some drills and skills to complete- day at Vobster?

Danni – although partially completed wants to go from the ground up again.

For all your training requirements, please co-ordinate with me.


Equipment Matters

Compressor now fully operational

Boat ready for the season (thanks Tim and Jules!)


Diving Activities

Friday 11th April – Capt Hubbard already has 6 for this trip subject to weather

September 2014 – Farne Islands –– Jenny Hubbard

17th September 2014 – Moldavia – (50m) Dive Leader + and twinsets – Tony Mallender

I am in the process of putting a summary together for dive planning which will be ready by next week, it would be good this year to see those with a Dive Leader qualification putting together week-end diving from our boat rather than leaving it to the usual suspects?

Paul o




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