23 July 2016 – Worthing Lumps

Weather looked good but the tides were not so a drift was arranged over the Worthing Lumps just to enable us to get back into the water.  The day started with breakfast in the Boat House and we then got the boat ready.  Found out that we had a flat battery so one of the engines wouldn’t start.  After heroic attempts with the pull cord (which didn’t work) we asked the marina staff to pull the boat out of the compound where we jump started the engine from Tim’s car!  Left the engine to tick over while we got our kit on board.  Launch and as the engine was warm Tim managed to start it again with the pull cord.  So off down river a little later than planned.

Bryan & Tim went in first, not really on the Lumps but saw dogfish and crabs as they drifted along.  Andrew & Jenny then went in by which time the tide was running a bit more.  Again a drift over rocky bottom and came across one large lump.  Ascending up the current rushed over the top so unable to stop and look but colourful!  Then drifted off, saw one dogfish but Jenny saw a ray at the end.  Not brilliant viz, about 2m but flat sea made for a pleasant ride.

Posted in Dive Diary 2016
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