30 June 2012 – Vobster Quay

Well, yet again the weather let us down and our Dive Marshall had to resort to Plan B which was Vobster (instead of the original Northcoates which will be reput into the diary for 28 July).  The main aim was so that Andrew & Jenny could get at least a couple of dives over 8m before Scapa, and for Malcolm & Paul to test twin sets.  Alan K was using the opportunity to complete his Dive Leader Dive Marshalling skills and the dive plan and briefing were comprehensive (and he did get signed up!).  As Paul said of Alan, ‘ Your professionalism in dive management has set the bar high for those who are following on behind!’

As always, interesting watching other divers and seeing what equipment they have.  As Paul said ‘The high point of the day had to be the home-made rebreather worn by a roughtie toughtie cave diver, its the sort of thing I can see George being able to build easily with bits from Tim’s garage!’  We also saw a diver with a wooden reel (we think he had the same template as George).

Posted in Dive Diary 2012
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