11 July 2012 – Wraysbury Training

As Thea had to miss Saturday, we added an extra trip to Wraysbury to get her ready for the dive off the boat on Saturday.  This is her report.

I had my first dive in Wraysbury Lake, on the 11th of July. When we got there it wasn’t busy at all, because I was there really early, I missed some of school so I could do the dive. The weather was sunny with some showers; it wasn’t that cold until we got out of the water. When I got there, I unloaded all of my things from the car, and then went to go get dressed. After that I put all my equipment together, after that I put on my wetsuit, weight belt, and then my jacket with my reg, and cylinder on it. When we got to the water I put my fins and mask on and went to the shot line. We descended down to the plat form, and did some exercises like fin pivots & throwing the reg behind, and then collecting it. We swam around for a while and we found some statues, a taxi and also a boat. Me and my buddy Jenny came up after 26 minutes to have a break, and when we went back in we did a mask removal & a controlled lift, with a stop for 3minutes.

When we were at the bottom of the lake it was very muddy so if we touched it, it would make the visibility even worse, and we could already only see about a metre in front of us. I find it quite hard to swim slowly, and when I do I seem to touch the bottom more because I’m not finning to stay up. Overall I really enjoyed the dives and I thought it was really fun, but I was very tired by the end!

(Some pictures of the training on 7 & 11 July)

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