30 January 2017 – Stoney Cove

Report by Steve Burgess

During the Christmas dive Paul, Mark and I went to look for the famous Stoney Cove pike but to no avail. 

So Mark and I thought we should return and try to find the elusive predator as they tend to move close to one another pre spawn.

We found over 10 fish grouped in a tight area after some time looking around. There were several big females dotted  around and will soon be spawning in early spring which is some spectacle. After spawning the females begin feasting and will eat any fish that fits in their mouths including their male counterparts!

Two dives:

1st 18.5 mtrs  Viz 15+ Water temp 5°c Dive time 47mins

2nd 13.3 mtrs Viz 15+ Temp 5°c Dive time 43 mins


Posted in Dive Diary 2017
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