17 November 2017 – Vobster

Dive Report by Andrew Bradford

Location: Vobster Quay

Divers: Mark Swan, Andrew Bradford

Water temp: 283degrees Kelvin (it really does sound warmer this way)

Weather: Sunny, cloudless sky. No really, look at the pictures

Vobster 17 nov 2  Vobster 17 nov 1

Dive 1

Max Depth: 25.2m

Visibility: Moderate

Total Time: 37mins

Purpose: Skills refresher

Mark S, 21%   Andrew B 32%

Years ago equipped only with a 1:25000 map, compass, GPS tracker & the stars I managed to turn a 200mile walk across Scotland into a 213mile trek. Navigation not being a strong point we set about a nav practice. It’s reassuring to know that none of the spatial ineptitude was lacking again. Bearing work was carried out between buoys, including taking a bearing whilst sitting atop the APC in all its iron-ness. Dive started with a controlled AS ascent from the 6m platform, before heading down to undertake navigation ending with a drill to de-kit an unconscious diver. 3min safety stop was taken with poise and precision.

Lunch was served with silver service, a surfitt of quayles eggs for starters followed by a cheeseburger & sausage bap. A surface interval of apprx 1hr 30.

Dive 2

Max Depth: 21m

Visibilty: moderate

Total Time:43mins

Purpose: more of a bimble, a couple of bearings taken for practice

Took in the wonders of the tunnel and what looks like the remains of a DC-8. Uneventful dive, Both Mark and I feeling the cold a little more second time around. 3min safety stops were completed with unbridled grace.


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