25 July 2019 – Capernwray

Report by Mark Swan

Had a break in the Lake District and decided to take the opportunity to visit Capernwray Dive Centre about 30 mins drive from Windermere. First impressions were good. Friendly staff, and vis from the shore looked promising. 

Dive 1: Entry from jetty then descent to plane. Headed East passing 2 decent sized wrecks. Shoals of perch but no sign of any sturgeon. Reached the far side then headed back passing training platforms.

Max depth 20m, Time 1 hour, Water temp 14 degrees C, Vis 5-7m, Gas Air

Dive 2: Same entry point. Headed South towards wreck of a helicopter. After reaching the South side of the lake, we returned passing another boat wreck. After dsmb’s and near the training area where we were going to exit, a sturgeon finally made an appearance. It was only a couple of feet long, some there are 2m plus, but it was great to see.

Max depth 17m, Time 50 mins, Water temp 14 degrees C, Vis 5-7m, Gas Air

I think Capernwray is well worth a visit if you’re in the area.

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