2-3 May 2019 – Portland & Swanage

Report & photos by Steve Burgess

Day 1 – Mark, Ciaran, Andrew B, Milton, Charles T, Steve B.
Dive 1 under the pier
Lots of Life under pier as Milton and myself got there early. Scorpion fish, nudibranches, loads of wrasse made for a very nice dive.
50mins dive time Viz 6mtrs

Dive 2
Milton met up with Don and did a drift on Lulworth Banks where they spotted a large undulate ray and lots of other stuff. Don was very pleased with his morning dive, maybe it was because of his dive bud Milton that made it extra special.
Dive 2 for the rest was under pier again for training.
Andrew did DP2 for dive manager part of DL and for Ciaran his first sea dive. Both did exceptionally well.

Dive 3
Valentine Tanks. Viz 6mtrs
We all loaded up on the boat with DiversDown and headed out under a dramatic sky to the tanks.
14mtrs down the shot. As usual loads of life  but the current quite fast, it was washing lines on the shot.  For Ciaran on his first open sea dive it was not easy at first, even when getting down to the tanks you had to tuck in so fair play to him as he dealt with it. So a big well done.
We all enjoyed this dive 50 mins dive time with all the usual suspects, conger eels, wrasse, cod, bib, and nice nudibranches.
Back at Swanage we said our goodbyes to Andrew – well done for completing more of his DL training.

Off to Portland for Day 2.
Jenny JC joined the group Thursday evening.
We stayed at Aqua hotel and went to the Cove pub for dinner and Folk music. Those who remember this band from previous trips , this time was not the same or as good as their lead singer Paul Clunas was away so sadly instrumental only.

Day 2. We are greeted by Deep sea Derek and then Milton returning from a night in the Portland Cells.

Pulpit Rock – 7-25 mtrs it falls away from the Cliffs on the bill.
Most days a fierce current rips through this area. So slack and a bag up is the way forward. Have to say its not a dive to get over excited about. Yes there was life but it descended into a drift more than a promise of slack and look around the rocks, but hey ho it was ok. Note a large ray on the sand flats towards the end of the dive.
Dive time 50 mins and Ciaran got a drift dive in so another plus.

Dive 2 – Durdle Door 14mtrs
We set off in the afternoon for Durdle Door.
We jumped in and descended to the cave at four mtrs down. Great dive on this place , viz was easy 15 mtrs . The cave part for me was the best of this dive, the rest not much life so a little disappointed. Dive time 45 mins.

Back in Portland we pack up, fill up and set off for home. Great couple of days.  Man of the Match was Ciaran, “big well done buddy” and great company.

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