12 March 2017 – Vobster Training

Report from Mark Swan  –  Photos

To complete Mark and Owen’s open water dives, Paul, Steve and myself accompanied them to Vobster. Their previous two outings had been at Wraysbury where they had enjoyed water temperatures of 5 and 6 degrees C in leaking ‘dry’ suits. Today they were spoilt by water temperature of 7 degrees C and Owen had hired a Vobster dry suit for £25.

Dive 1

Descended to 6m platform for skills practice. Onto Jacquin wreck where Mark and Owen had a swim round together. Then past tunnel entrance to aeroplane swim throughs. Ascended shot line.

Max depth 18.6m     Dive time 31 mins     Viz 4m

Dive 2

Descended shot line into Crushing Works building. Through hole in corner and down to the deeper tunnel entrance. Through tunnel and onto Jacquin wreck. From the stern we went to the 18m platform passing a jester mannequin but it was kicked up here so we headed back to the 9 and 6m platforms to go over CBL’s.

 Max depth 21m     Dive time 30 mins     Viz 2-4m

 I would like to say well done to Mark and Owen for their perseverance and I hope they don’t find the water in Australia too hot.

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