08 April 2017 – Mulberry Harbour

The first RIB outing of 2017 from Littlehampton and the long awaited defib frame was officially fitted and christened today.  Thanks are due to Stone’s Steel Fabricators Ltd,  Dr Kennedy’s Health Care Service, Avis Marine Engineers and the Cozens Man Shed  for supply, fit and training.  

defib frame

defib frame2

We had a great dive on the Mulberry Harbour – calm, balmy 11 degree C sea, good slack and decent vis with lots of light and plenty of life, including a very large lumpsucker guarding his nest.

All ably skippered by Salty Steve making the transition from the Iron Road to the High Seas in his stride (and not an argument about who closes the doors in sight)!

Posted in Dive Diary 2017
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