October 2016 – Oxygen Administration Course

o2 course photoOn Saturday 1st October, eight club members met in the ‘shed’ (bit more than just a shed!) at the bottom of Alan’s garden for the O2 administration course.

Steve and Kirsten were doing this as part of their Dive Leader training, and the rest of us were just using the opportunity to do a refresher having done the course before but  thinking it good to keep our skills updated.  Also  parts of the course are constantly being updated as opinions regarding BSL change.

Thanks, Alan for a well-presented course.  The additional bits included were also very interesting.  We all successfully took the multiple choice test at the end – congratulations particularly to Kirsten and Steve who were able to get a large chunk of their DL theory signed off.

 Comments from club members attending:

  • A big thanks to Alan for the day. Done a great job teaching us all and the hospitality was superb.
  • Thumbs up from me too. Many thanks, Alan, for your planning, patience and expertise.
  • Definitely one ALL in the club must do

Alan’s feedback:

I am happy the day went well. I believe that we all learnt something new.?

I was especially interested to find out about likely changes to resuscitation protocols in the future.

We discussed how we can further strengthen our skills now that most of us have been through  our CPR/Defib skills st least once. I will liaise with Andrew to buy a new bit of kit ( a bag and mask which helps more effectively provide 100% O2 for non breathing patients in a 2 person rescue). We will need training to use this.

We already have access to a pocket mask which when connected to our O2 cylinder will increase the % of O2 when delivering mouth via mask resuscitation as a better alternative to mouth to mouth for single or two person CPR. I will buy more of these and tubes ready assembled and wrapped for ease of access in an emergency.


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