February 2019 – AED refresher evening

Alan Kennedy arranged for our annual defib refresher course to ensure we were all reminded of what to do if one of our members had a heart problem whilst on our rib. Hopefully this will never be required but it was good to go over the theory and practical of what to do if there was a problem.

The floor was marked out as our rib, with dive equipment, oxygen and the defib box all in the same place as for every dive trip we do.  Alan then acted out the person having the heart attack and the team had to treat the casualty (resussi-annie) until such time as help came.  This necessitated calling the coastguard, starting CPR and rescue breaths whilst the defib was prepared and fitted.  Alan recited the instructions that would be heard and shocks were given as deemed necessary.  CPR and rescue breaths were continued in between the shocks.

To add to team spirit – the time taken for actions was noted!!  Alan gave feedback after each exercise.

As always all those who were present learnt something and thanks were expressed to Alan for all his work in ensuring we kept up-to-date with our skills.


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