March 2014 – New shot made

Having lost our main shot at the end of the last diving season, Tim & Simon got together in Tim's garage to make a new one for the 2014 diving season. This is Simon's report of what they got up to!
Last week, I met with Tim at his place to undertake a very important job, pour the shot!
For those who haven’t heard, at the end of last season, the ribs shot had to be abandoned on the Basil. I am unsure of the exact details behind the shot being lost, but I don’t really think they are important to this write up.
I was surprised to learn that the rib’s shot is not an off the shelf purchase, but instead a lovingly created, handmade masterpiece.
I had agreed to help Tim with the creation process and decided it may be of interest to everyone to see how the shot is created from lots of bits of old scrap lead.
The process begins with some scrap lead being weighed out, 10KG will do: Next the lead is melted in a cast iron crucible using as many blow torches as possible:Don’t kick that over!
A plaster mould is made ready:And the lead poured in (Couldn’t photo that as it needed hands / concentration)!!! The Loop for the chain was inserted in the molten lead and left to cool:After cooling period, nice!
And a selfie:So good we made two:And relax:
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