June 2014 – MSC Marine Life Identification Course

Friday 5 June saw me in the car with Sarah, Carl & Thea on our way to Swanage so that Thea and I could do the Marine Conservation Society Marine Identification course over the weekend.  The aim was to refresh my memory (I did the course in 2002) and enable Thea (with her better young memory!) to be able to help me out on future dives!!

The theory takes place as Leeson House Field Centre in Langton Matravers (about 8 mins from Swanage), with a dive under Swanage Pier to collect specimens which are taken back  to identify. 

If you want to read a bit more then here are more details.  

Entering the water at Swanage Pier

Thea examining some samples
Baby crab

A lot to take in, but it jogged a few memory cells so hopefully I will be able to identify more accurately some of my photos in the future.  I’m sure that Thea will put me right if I give the wrong name.

Only downside to the weekend was being initiated into the Conway yellow car game on the journey  – don’t ask!!


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