July 2014 – Thea’s Reef


I have been interested in doing photography for a while, so we decided to try and arrange for me to go on a photography course so I can learn more about it. I found a course that many people had recommended and sent out an email to the club asking if anyone would be interested in joining me as I am too young to do it on my own; Norman replied and said that he would be my buddy for the course.

Norman then asked me if I wanted to get some practice in the pool before we actually go on the course in September so I get a better idea of how to get a good picture. This is when Norman offered to create an underwater scene so that I could practice these photographing skills on. A few weeks later he told us that he had finished it and it was ready to take into the pool! So on the 8th (July) Norman brought the underwater scene that had sand, rocks, arches, wrecks, plants and animals on it; it was huge and looked so amazing! So much effort was put into in it and I could tell that it was going to work really well and look great once taken into the pool.

Once me, Norman & Alan got kitted up, we got in the pool and carefully lifted it down from the side, put a few weights on it and lowered it down to the pool’s floor. The fish that were tied to the scene floated really well and looked amazing! I took loads of pictures at different angles and heights so I could see what looked best and how well the pictures turned out using different techniques. There is limited amount of things that you can do with photographing in the pool but with what we had I did get some great pictures that I will download and send out soon! 

I am so very grateful and thankful to Norman as he must have spent a lot of his own time and effort to create such a wonderful piece! It looked absolutely perfect and it was great to photograph! Thank you so much for this opportunity and I can’t wait to carry out the course in September!


Some pictures of the reef being photographed and the end results



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