January 2016 – CPR and AED training

Our first Social/Info evening and Alan Kennedy led us all through a practical hands-on session of CPR and AED use.  This involved understanding when and how to use the AED, and being exhausted after carrying out CPR on ‘Annie’.  If anyone missed the session then Alan is willing to do another to catch them up.

Alan’s comments after the event:  For those who went through the practical assessment, and looking at my notes for our last AED course we have much improved. Of particular note is everyone remembered to call for help before getting too involved in the resuscitation. This is what I hoped to see, so well done. 

Moving on, we should make good on our promise now to run a dry practical at the RIB involving both cpr/ use of AED and putting kit/ divers on a line in case we need to do this.  I would even suggest that some do a wet boat run if the weathers good but tides are poor for diving.  Maybe, fit it into a boat handling session for those that need it so that we get a lot out of the day. Dragging an unconscious diver into the rib, with a buddy in the water who is anxious/ exhausted having done rescue breaths, towed the patient etc, will be challenging. I remember being shown how to use ropes and a rolling technique during my Sports Diver Rescue module ( we were shown but no opportunity to practice).

Many thanks to Alan for all his hard work in this area of training.



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