February 2016 – Dive Planning

This month’s social/info evening was a session on dive planning given by Bryan Stone.  An illustrated talk took us through the main things that need to be considered when planning a dive.  Very useful for anyone looking at doing their Dive Leader training, and a good reminder for those who are already there.  The topics covered were:

  • Tides 
  • Dive Site
  • Divers
  • Exercises
  • Boat / Equipment
  • Weather

Hopefully this will encourage more club members to ‘have a go’ at planning dives.  Remember there are always other more experienced members who are willing to help out.

Here is a link to Bryan’s presentation for those who missed it – or those who want to go through it again.  Dive Planning

Andrew then gave a presentation on the Rampion Wind Farm and how this may affect our diving this year.  Here is a link to Andrew’s presentation.  Rampion

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