24 July 2011 – Northcoates


Following a hearty breakfast at the posh cafe with Jules and Andrew,  Alan K and Alex K were nominated by our esteemed Boat Handling instructors to ready the boat.

Having checked the boat, everything seemed ship shape……except our eagle eyed Commodore noted that the petrol feeds weren’t connected!

Note to self…..if you want to get anywhere it’s no good having a full tank of juice and lines disconnected!!!

Having reached the harbour mouth I entered a new waypoint for me and Alex, the North Coates. Trip out was bumpy, with Andrew describing the sea as moderate. Having placed the shot perfectly on the wreck Alex and Andrew readied themselves and descended beneath a rolling sea whilst I, having only taken one seasickness tablet proceeded to feed the fish! First time in 18 months.

Note to self …take two tablets next time and lay off the caffeine you plonker!

Then I tested my new found skill in approaching divers in a rolling sea with opposite winds. Jules reminded me to point the sharp end into the wind as you approach the divers. Easier said than done in a rolling sea……have I mentioned that before!

Then my turn. At last I was in the water. Vis 2metres, one large gun, conga, starfish, clams, shoals of fish, crabs++ and a lone cuttlefish.

45 minutes later I was back at the boat happily feeding the fish again whilst de-kitting in…… what did Andrew call it, ah yes a ‘’rolling sea’’.

Still 4 happy divers even if I was looking the colour of algae. (Modfather AK )

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