2 July 2011 – Worthing Wall/Lumps & Kingmere Rocks

Supermarket for shellfish!!  Crabs and lobsters were there in abundance and 3 of the 7 divers decided to get their dinner whilst on the dive!!

Although the vis could have been  better (only about 2 ms) it was sufficient to be able to enjoy the dive without worrying all the time about losing your buddy.  Needed time to look into all the nooks, crannies and holes to see the wedged in crabs, hiding tompot blennies and scooting gurnards on the seabed.  Starfish everywhere, on top of each other, some with stumps where legs had been lost.

Everyone thought it well worth diving, with the depth at 16m making it suitable for trainees. 

Lots of fishing boats on the Rocks so divers were dropped a way off and although some had a pleasant drift over the rocks, others only saw  a flat bottom, albeit covered with yet more starfish.(JH)


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