April 2017 – Compressor Training

1 April was not for April fools this year as 5 of us met in Tim’s garage – the home  of our shiney Club 300 bar compressor, bought with money from the Sport England grant.  The objective was for us to learn how to use it both from a theoretical and practical point of view. 







Fortified by Tim’s supply of tea, coffee and chocolate digestives we covered the basic physics of compressed air, a description of our Bauer PE100 compressor, the importance of ensuring gas purity and monitoring filter life, the significant effects of both high and low temperatures on performance and longevity, firing up, purging oil and condensate, completing the log and reviewing safety measures.

Whilst the operation is not complicated, it is clearly very important to do so correctly and to maintain it properly given the high pressures being dealt with and the importance of not giving bad fills.  Many thanks to Tim for running the event.

(The July 2017 edition of Scuba Magazine showed a photo of the Compressor training on the Postcards page)

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