What does it cost?

Want to start training?

In order to begin training with BUDC you need to be a diving member of the club and a full member of BSAC.

£180.00        BUDC membership for 1 year

£59.00          BSAC membership for 1 year (full member) (see BSAC website for other rates that are available) 

£45.00           BSAC Ocean Diver Training Pack + log book


Although all scuba equipment will be provided by BUDC for your Ocean Diver training,  you will be expected to purchase basic equipment eg mask (£30-£50), snorkel (£5-£15) and fins (£30-£60)

If you wear glasses, it is possible to buy masks with corrective lenses.  Most people do not have any trouble diving whilst wearing contact lenses.

Club fees covers entry to the pool each week (whether training or not), all training up to Dive Leader and loan of scuba equipment for Ocean Diver training.   It also entitles you to book for dives on the club boat (when these are suitable to your training and experience).  When diving from the club boat you will be asked to pay a contribution to the costs (currently £15 per person).

Your membership of BSAC includes Third Party/Public Liability Insurance,  a subscription to Scuba magazine, the official journal of the British Sub-Aqua Club and many other benefits.


Already Qualified?

Fees are as above, although you may pay your BUDC membership by standing order of £15 per month if preferred.  You need to become a member of BSAC for insurance purposes.

Medical Declaration

A self-declaration medical form must be completed annually on renewal of membership of BSAC.  Exceptional fitness is not essential but there are some medical conditions that require certification by a Medical Referee before diving training can be undertaken.  In these instances it may be necessary to pay a fee for the medical examination.

Equipment (costs are approximate)

Scuba equipment can be purchased over a period of time.  Prices vary considerably and those given are just guidelines.  The club has a number of sets of equipment that can be loaned to trainees for training to Ocean Diver qualification although  a wet/dry suit will need to be hired or borrowed for open water dives.  If trainees want to continue to train to Sports Diver, then it would be expected that they start purchasing their own equipment.

Kit for open water dives

£300                    Buoyancy compensator                                           

£200                    Demand valve incl octopus                                   

 £130                    Gas cylinder                                                              

£30                       Weight belt                                                                  

£100                     Console (Depth & Pressure gauges)                    

£150 – £800       Wet/dry suit                                                

 £25                       Boots                                                                            

£20                       Gloves  

£25                        Hood                                                                     

£40 – £70             Strap fins 

£200                      Dive Computer                                                        

Second hand kit is often available and club instructors are happy to advise trainees to ascertain that kit is suitable.  Don’t forget – your life is dependent on your kit working correctly.

Additional Information

Upon successful completion of Ocean Diver qualification, you can continue your training, if you wish, and advance to Sports Diver or further.  There are also a number of specialist skill courses arranged by BSAC.  These have to be paid for individually.

You will also be able to make dives from the club boat at a nominal cost of £5 per day, when the dive sites chosen are suitable for your experience and space is available on the boat.

When your first years membership has expired you can renew membership (current fees £15 per month by standing order or £180 pa) and continue to enjoy all the benefits of belonging to a BSAC branch: regular diving, club holidays, further training, and of course the social aspect of being with like-minded individuals to talk diving.



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